martes, 21 de octubre de 2008

Government Program, PIP Rincón 2008

Government Program, PIP Rincón 2008
Lcdo. Rogelio Bonet Aybar, Esq., Mayor

To encourage Young businesspeople that wish to establish their businesses in our town by offering them municipal commercial premises at a fair and reasonable Price, together with activities to attract clientele. The unprivatize municipal installations.

To do a vehicular transit study to improve the urban center so that both visitors and business owners can benefit from it.

Periodical meetings with business owners in order to interchange ideas and look for solutions to problems afflicting them.

To have as public policy the commitment NOT to support the construction of mega commercial centers in order to protect local commerce.

To coordinate with mayors in the area the increase of the use of Aguadilla airport and the port of Mayaguez in order to promote the development of commerce and tourism for our town.

Promote the construction of hotels, paradores and resorts in order to strengthen the economy, create jobs and promote tourism without affecting our ecology or destroying natural and historical resources.

To provide tax exemptions to land used exclusively for agriculture.

To avoid the excessive development of agricultural lands.

To establish a command center for the coordination of public safety agencies in the command center in the prevention and management of disasters, natural disasters, etc.

To identify and put signs in flood areas and those that are dangerous and prone to tsunamis, in the event of a natural disaster.

To develop water sports with the construction of a pool.

To facilitate sports to persons with disabilities and children with special needs.

To remodel the Municipal Beach Area (Balneario) to avoid disorderly conduct and excessive use, creating camping areas and having a code for its use and regulations to be complied with through the municipal police.

To build a Performing Arts Center and a School of Music.

To build community centers where they do not exist and for members of the community to have custody of same.

To build a Museum and Historical Archive with a permanent guardian and historian employed.

To bring about in an effective and quick manner the construction of works and infrastructure and obtain the machinery and heavy equipment required.

To negotiate with the Department of Education the construction of new elementary, intermediate and vocation school in order to be on vanguard with this new century.

To promote the reforestation of urban and school areas.

To establish water storage tanks in the necessary places and to provide the pumping system required.

To support prevention programs in the use of alcohol and controlled substances.

Environmental code – to education and promote the use of sources of solar energy, recycling at all levels, hybrid vehicles and products friendly to the environment.


1. To protect our natural resources and the environment.
2. To develop agriculture to the maximum.
3. To develop tourism friendly to the environment.
4. To halt irresponsible and destructive development.
5. To review all the permits, endorsements and developments that have been authorized and bring action against violators of the law.
6. Reforest the entire municipal territory of Rincon
7. To strengthen small and medium-size businesses, particularly family-owned businesses.
8. To increase to the maximum the existing sports, particularly minor leagues and school sports. Create swimming and beach safety schools.
9. To effectively contribute to the development of students and top athletes with scholarships, incentives and subsidies for their families.
10. To re-evaluate and reorganize traffic and create new parking areas.
11. To combat crime and drugs and utilize the municipal police as educators in schools and the communities.
12. To develop new and better preventive health programs and programs for the transportation of patients with emergency or trauma situations.


Attorney Rogelio Bonet Aybar, was born, raised and established in the Puntas Sector of Rincon. He is the oldest of seven, and as a youngster worked in the sugar-cane industry. He took a Commercial Course at the Jose de Diego School in Aguadilla, and obtained his Bachelor Degree in Business Management, specializing in Accounting, at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus. Years later he obtained his Juris Doctor Degree at the Catholic University of Ponce in 1989, and passed the Bar Exam on the same year. He is retiring with 30 years of public service at the Authority of Waterworks (AAA by its Spanish acronym). He currently has a law office in 15W Muñoz Rivera Street in the town of Rincon. He has been married for 40 years to Ana Hilda Tirado Rivera and has tree children and five grandchildren.